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Rethinking Protein

The average person needs 1g of protein for every kilo of body mass.

This isn't much.

It translates to a person of average weight, about 150lbs, only needing about 70g of protein.

Good quality protein is vital for many functions in our bodies from keeping our immune system functioning to transmitting signals from cell to cell to rebuilding new cells to the obvious muscle strength.

In the western world, when we think of protein, usual suspects come to mind first: eggs, poultry, fish, tofu and red meats.

These are all quite pricey forms of protein though, and quality can be spotty.

A revolutionary, but oh so traditional way of getting great quality protein (with fiber and omega's as well) is to make insects a staple of your diet.

Eww right?

Except maybe not.

There are lots of ways to enjoy these bad boys-covered in chocolate being the most enticing.

So next time you're thinking of what to snack on, I challenge you to expand your horizons.

Try something different.

For some of you that may be buying quail eggs the next time you're at the store, roasting bison for your next Sunday dinner or ordering scallops as the appetizer the next time you're out for dinner.

For some of the more adventurous types that may be ordering a batch of chocolate covered crickets.

I always tell my kids: Try it and you'll like it.

And you just might-you never know.

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