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The Flu: one sneaky SOB

Winter is coming.

Cold wind. Snow. Ice.

The flu.

There are a lot of reasons why the flu becomes so prevalent during these dark, cold months.

The amount of vitamin D and melatonin both decrease, resulting in a decrease in our immune system.

Halloween and Christmas overload us with debilitating sugar which weakens our immune system.

And the environment that is so difficult for us to live in actually helps the influenza virus thrive.

Cold,dry climates actually help stabilize the virus, allowing it to live for much longer periods of time.

It has to do with the protective layer of fat that forms the outer layer of the virus. The fat (known as the lipid bilayer) helps to stabilize the vital components of the virus, stopping ice shards from forming and ripping the outer coating.

It's actually quite smart.

So what are we to do about these smart little organisms that insist on living with us?

The absolute best way to stop infection is to wash your hands.

No antibacterial soap needed (these are viruses, not bacteria so antibacterial soap doesn't work on these critters).

Just use lots of warm water, lots of suds and lots of scrubbing.

Try singing a song so you wash for a while (this one is catchy! Add a dance for some easy cardio).

Take your vitamin D supplements. Let's face it. We live in Canada. October through April we need a bit of help here.

Get lots of sleep. That melatonin is important for fighting off those germs.

Ease up on the candy.

And remember to laugh. (If you need a bit of help, click on the song link above.)

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