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Hypothyroidism and Bone Strength

Hypothyroidism is a crappy disease that has far too many negative downstream effects.

Since it is a hormone that effects every cell in your body and controls everything from metabolism to nervous, muscular and skeletal systems, is it any wonder we feel so off when this amazing hormone is out of range?

Thank goodness for medication.

Unfortunately, like every medication, there are side effects that we have to watch for and do our best to counteract.

Despite best efforts, there is an ongoing concern with bone density.

See, once you develop hypothyroidism, your TSH levels tend to be high your T4/T3 tend to be low and this effect lowers bone building in your bones.

Over a short period of time this isn't a big issue, but long term this can have a much bigger effect.

In fact, just two years of hypothyroidism treated with levothyroxine can leave patients with a significant decrease in bone density.

While this seems like a very scary situation, and it is something you should take very seriously, the wonderful thing about our bodies is that they are so dynamic.

Our bodies have the fascinating capability of responding to our environment in very specific ways; it's called adapting.

So once we start telling our bodies to bulk up on bone, it is able to do just that.

Learn about the amazing foods that help build bone, the incredible activities that increase bone density and safeguard yourself.

A little bit goes a long way.

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