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Feed Your Thyroid Right

Eating right is about so much more than just eating the right foods.

It's about eating foods that have the nutrients we need to fuel our body.

It's about eating foods that have the nutrients we need to keep our cells running they way they should.

It's also about eating the foods that have the nutrients we need to protect our body.

Let me explain.

Our body, specifically our cells, stay very busy all day long.

It is hard to calculate how many reactions, but scientists estimate between hundreds of millions to billions of chemical reactions occur in each cell in a given day.

That's a lot of zeros.

One of the byproducts of all these chemical reactions is free radicals.

Nasty little chemicals that zing around stealing electrons from others, damaging them.

The thyroid is one of these places.

To produce our fundamental T4 hormone, lots and lots of free radicals are generated.

Biology is smart though and created a self protection system that prevents too much damage from happening.

The main component of this system in our Thyroid? Selenium.

This powerful antioxidant is stored in our thyroid to neutralize the free radicals.

So help your thyroid out and start loading up on selenium rich foods.

Brazil nuts. These little gems are usually left behind in the mixed nut bowl, but you know better now so grab those first!

Seafood. Eat as much as you can from the ocean. Teeming with so many nutrients, but especially selenium.

Whole gran rice and wheat. Easy to find. Easy to cook. Loved by almost everyone.

So love your thyroid a little bit more, it will pay you back in spades.

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