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Curry for Creaky Joints

I love colour.

My house is bright. My hair is red. My plate is loaded with a produce rainbow.

And my spice cupboard is full of healing curry.

This amazing spice is a combination of wonderful things like coriander, cumin, ginger, coriander, mustard, cinnamon.

And Tumeric.

All of these spices are fantastic healers in their own right.

For great health, these should be regulars in everyone's diet.

But Tumeric outshines them all with its ability to help those with osteoarthritis.

The main component of tumeric is curcumin, and it is this part that really does all the work.

Curcumin is anti-inflammatory, and it is inflammation that is causing the aches and pains.

This study showed a direct relationship of taking curcumin to reduced pain, physical function and quality of life.

That in itself is enough to load up on the stuff.

But it goes further.

Treatment with curcumin was able to prevent the degradation of cartilage, the slippery part of bones in the joints.

In other words, curcumin is able to stop further development of disease and stop more pain development.

That is amazing.

So how do we get this in our system?

The scientists in the study used supplements, which definitely works.

By I prefer food. Flavour wins every time.

Start adding curries dishes to your meal rotation.

Make curry sauces to add to sandwiches, salads and sides.

Drink it in tea or golden milk.

Your joints will thank you.

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