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What vitamin is your hero?

Fat soluble vitamins are my hero.

Don't get me wrong, all the vitamins in real food are are my hero's, but fat soluble vitamins hold a special place in my heart (not literally, just so we're clear).

I have to say, there is one that stands out above the rest though.

Vitamin D. My hero.

Let me tell you why.

Every cell on our body is effected by vitamin D.

It strengthens our immune system.

It supports a brain health and mood.

It strengthens our bones.

And recent research shows that is helps with insulin resistance.

Do you know what this means?

For those struggling with blood sugar instability or type 2 diabetes, a great first step towards better health may be to get your vitamin D levels tested.

If you have low vitamin D levels it may be contributing to insulin resistance and high blood sugar levels.

And no one wants high insulin or high blood sugar levels.

With winter on the way, and hibernation mode creeping in, make sure you keep lots of real food naturally high in vitamin D handy.

Mackerel and salmon (just try to keep the "holy mackerel" jokes at bay).

Good quality cheese.

Egg yolks.

Or you can go old school with a big spoonful of Cod Liver Oil.

Lucky you.

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