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I love jeans...and genes.

I have a confession to make.

I get giddy talking about genetics.

I know, I know, I have a problem. But there are worse things to be then excitable about science.

I sadly thought for some time that when I entered the world of nutrition, my love for genetics would have to go by the wayside, but boy was I wrong.

Because there is a whole area of science dedicated to the study of how our environment effects our genes. It is called epigenetics and I LOVE it.

This means, in a nutshell, what we eat changes how our genes are expressed.

But that isn't even the coolest part.

How our genes are expressed, because of what we eat, can be passed down to our kids.

Now that is amazing. Lets think about the big picture.

I am who I am, because of what my mom and dad ate, what my grandparents ate, and what my great grandparents ate.

Research has carried it back that far. Who knows how far back it really goes? Cause if I am a product of all those people, my parents are a product of their family further back and so on.

So really, what we eat and our lifestyle has a huge impact on the next generation.

I'll eat to that.

#health #wellness #genetics #realfood #nutrition

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