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So now what?

After studying Holistic Nutrition, I get asked a lot of questions. What are my thoughts on organic food? How much sugar is too much? Should I go vegan? People want to know what to eat, but the answer is

It's complicated.

We are all unique, and I'm not just talking personalities here. Each of us is made up of a unique combination of genes, and each of those genes are each expressed in a unique way depending on our environment.

It's not just nature vs. nurture.

It's nature AND nurture.

We are a combination of both our genetic make up and the environment we live in, so to say there is one best way of eating is like saying we should all wear the same pair of pants for the rest of our life.

Our nutritional needs vary by person, but they also vary as we go through life.

There is one good food rule that is great for every single one of us though.

Eat Real Food.

Cut the crap. I'm talking the processed foods, the sugary drinks, the pastries, the chips, the frozen pizzas and the tv dinners.

You know the stuff I'm referring to.

Start incorporating more real food and soon there will be no place for the other crap.

And everyone will be much better off.

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