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Yay! I'm blogging!

Wow. I'm excited. After so much hard work and wondering what I'm doing with myself, I have finally found my avatar.

My ikigai.

My reason for waking up every morning.

While some would think food may not be a big deal, I'm here to tell you different. Food is powerful. It brings family and friends together, it evokes memories, it feels our soul, encourages traditions and encourages time spent together.

And we haven't even talked about the part where is feeds our body.

Food can also be confusing. What should we eat to feel great? Lose weight? Lower cholesterol? Stabilize blood sugar? There is so much information out there, who do we believe?

This is where my ikigai comes in. I'm hoping to clear up some confusion about what we should be eating.

Here I'll share nutrition tips, kitchen short cuts, nutrition research and sometimes my general musings (always funny, I assure you) on this whole confusing area.

My goal is to help you understand food, from farm to plate to body.

My goal is to keep this blog short, easy to understand and intriguing.

And now my goal is to go cook dinner.



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