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Recommended Reading

There are so many amazing resources out there, and I've taken the guesswork out of some of the options by reading these already and listing those that should be at the top of your list. If you are interested in learing more about health, nutrition, cooking or self improvement, here are some great places to start. Happy reading my fellow bookworm!

Soup is such an amazing comfort food and also fits the bill for delicious, nutritious and economical. Filled with base recipes and tasty gourmet dishes, this book is a regular during the chilly winter months to keep us warm. Favourites: curried cauliflower soup (pg 23), cajun chicken soup (pg 89), roasted red pepper soup with chick peas (pg 80).

Salads are a staple in my home, I just feel so much better when I'm eating lots of greens. When I get bored with my favourites, I use this to mix things up-all of these are delicious! Favourites: mixed greens with apples and maple glazed pecans (pg 22), roasted asparagus with mixed greens and shaved parm (pg 46), cabbage slaw with creamy peppercorn dressing (pg 74)

Sarah Wilson is an amazing inspiration and her cookbook relays that. Bring home her passion to reduce waste, reduce sugar and try delicious new foods. This is a much loved book! Favourites: powerhouse dressing (pg 53), gut-giving gummies (pg 348), fermented veggies (pg 334).

I love how quick, easy and tasty the meals are in the cookbook. This is a great go-to book for beginners, those low on time and those looking for some inspiration. The best thing? Use parchment for effortless clean-up! Favourites: spanakopitta (pg 24), ratatouille with goat cheese (pg 153), pear and almond oven oatmeal (pg 237)

This book represents the beginning for me, when I began my journey to create more of my own healthy food at home for my family. This is a great way to become a DIYer with step by step instructions and lots of pictures. Favourites: yoghurt (pg 30), granola (pg 48), pizza (pg 172).

For those wanting to try paleo, this is a great cookbook to start with. Learn some vital kitchen basics, healthy tips and delicious recipes. It's not as hard as you think, and the results are worth it! Favourites: avocado basil dressing (pg 61), maple spiced walnuts (pg 67), uova in purgatorio (pg 132).

We are an all year BBQing family, and this cookbook keeps us eager to use our grill even when it is freezing outside. Expect a bit more time invested in these recipes, but a huge flavour payoff! Favourites: lamb cutlets with roasted shallot, mint and chevre pesto (pg 238), grilled asparagus with ham and manchego (pg 78), spicy grilled veggie salad (pg 112).

Primal Body is a must read for those looking for an evidence based discussion on how to achieve better health and have a modern day primal diet. She does a great job explaining our over-dependancy on carbohydrates, the vital role of fat soluble vitamins and how diet effects the whole body. This is very science based but a fantastic read.

Big dramatic change is not needed for big dramatic effects, and Darren Hardy does a great job of explaining how a few small changes can grow over time to result in big impact. This book played a big role in changing my mindset; to focusing on small achieveable goals for long term payoff. 

Amanda Lang writes a good book about inovative change and what can happen when we think outside the box. I still think about the power saw with fingertouch technology that elimates workplace injury, how amazing is that? This was an easy read filled with very cool things some ingenious people are doing. 

Vitamin K2 is fairly new to the nutrition scene, but it is vitally important to our overall health, especially our cardiovascular health.  Learn the history and science behind vitamin k2 and how we can make sure we are getting enough. A bit science heavy, but great for those who need to know.

I can truely say this book changed my life. Written by pharmicist Izabella Wentz, she breaks down Hashimoto's thyroiditis into understandable units and helps the reader understand the disease and how to help correct it. There is a lot of biochemistry here, but a must for those wanting to understand this disease. 

Habits shape so much of who we are; some are good, some bad and some neutral. After reading this book, I was able to see which of my habits was improving my life, which ones were not and how to see my triggers to change those habits I wanted to change. This was a fun and interesting read.

In the honour of full disclosure, please note that I receive a small commission if you purchase a book through this link.

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