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About Lindsay

living a holistic balanced life for better health and energy

Family Nutrition

Autoimmune conditions

Hormone Imbalances


Healthy cooking /

meal planning

I help people feel vibrant and energized by using Real Food to bring balance back after an Autoimmunity or Hormone Disorder is diagnosed. 

I believe small changes can have a big impact in how we live and feel every day.

I believe everyone has a right to have a happy, healthy life, no matter what.

I know you're tired, overwhelmed and don't know where to begin.

Let's work together to  formulate a health plan that will move you closer to your best feeling self every day using small permanant changes so you can say "I feel awesome" 10 years from now, not just 10 months from now. 

A Bit More about Lindsay


I have always loved food, cooking, health, nutrition, science and learning. I was lucky to grow up in a home where homemade was standard and we always had to eat all our veggies. Early on, I was in the kitchen learning how to cook and bake, usually resulting in big messes with questionably edible results (crunchy mashed potatoes anyone?). 


I have also spent a lot of time researching in a laboratory, using a recipes of a much different kind. Before becoming certified in Holistic Nutrition, my degree in molecular biology and genetics allowed me to work with amazing new technologies in exciting fields like gene expression and hepatitis research. Having a deep understanding of how our body works is facinating to me and constantly drives me to learn more. 

The change in my focus from science to health came after the birth of my second child when I was diagnosed with the autoimmune condition Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I was very lucky that my condition was detected early and medication started immediately, but unfortunately i had to have half my thyroid removed. The science geek in me had to have answers as to why this happened and what specificalIy I could do to improve my health. Becoming a Holistic Nutrition Consultant through CSNN was the natural next step in the process and a true lifesaver for me. 

I am now using my education in biology alongside my education in nutrition and my love for cooking and food to help others find their way to the best health they can achieve. My unique perspective challenges ideas on what it means to be healthy, what exactly we need to do to reach it and what defines a happy and fulfilling life.

So if you are like I was, ready to start feeling better, wanting to learn about delicious food that will make you feel great, wanting to make changes that will encourage vitality, then lets gets started. 

We have a lot to do. 

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